2005 – 2009

Provincial scale up of continum of care

Between 2005-2009 we managed to demonstrate that evidence based responses at scale of coverage and quality, uninterrupted  prevent, halt and reverse the transmission of HIV epidemic among people who inject drugs.

This was a result of a dynamic ‘public-private partnership’ between Nai Zindagi and the Punjab AIDS Control Program (PACP) , Department of Health, Government of Punjab. This enhanced and comprehensive program was established in 8 selected cities of Punjab and was supported by funding from the World Bank.

People who inject drugs in the selected cities had access to a range of services that included information, counseling, basic health care including treatment of STIs, TB dots, VCCT, HIV and AIDS related diagnostics, treatment/ART, care and support services. Specific services to prevent HIV transmission from people who inject drugs to their wives, children and sexual partners were also incorporated as a result of findings of a study “The Hidden Truth” that demonstrated this vulnerability.

In addition clients who completed drug treatment had access to skills training and employment in a program supported by Mainline Foundation, Netherlands.

Approximately 14-16,000 PWIDs, their wives, sexual partners and children accessed services regularly in 8 selected cities of Punjab under this program. The program was widely documented and promoted as a best pracice model by UNAIDS in the region.