6th District AIDS Council (DAC), Toba Tek Singh was held on 11-Oct-2023 at 01:00pm in the CEO DHA T.T Singh Office’s adjacent DHDC Hall. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Kashif Mehmood Kamboh (Chief Executive Officer, District Health Authority TTS) and co-chaired by Dr. Mubashir Ahmad Malik (Provincial Coordinator, Nai Zindagi Trust). The participants of the District AIDS Council meeting were as follows:

Dr. Kashif Mehmood Kamboh (CEO DHA TTS)

Dr. Mubashir Ahmad Malik (Provincial Coordinator Punjab NZ)

Mr. Rizwan Ghani (S.M NZT-CoPC+ TTS)

Dr. Kashif Bajwa (M.S DHQ Hospital TTS)

Dr. Kashif Nadeem (DHO-P.S)

Dr. Wasim Hayat (P.D DHDC TTS)

Mr. Sana Ullah (Medical Social Officer, Social Welfare Dept. TTS)


Dr. Alia Mubashir (Incharge ART Center WMO – DHQ Hospital TTS)

Mrs. Sajida Anwar (Clinical Psychologist – ART Center TTS)

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa (Warden District Jail TTS)

M. Azeem (P.A to Assistant Commissioner TTS)

Mr. Umair Amin (P.A to DDHO TTS)

Mr. Ali Kumail (F.P to HIV/AIDS, DHO Office DHA TTS)


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