Our Mission

Our mission in the next three years is to reach adequate number of people who use drugs, their wives, intimate partners and children with comprehensive HIV prevention services in Pakistan and provide treatment, care and support to persons already living with HIV and AIDS. This would mean reaching across Pakistan to approximately 30,000 persons with evidence based interventions on a regular basis. Currently we reach approximately 15,000 persons regularly in selected districts of Pakistan with Global Fund support. There would still be a gap of reaching an additional 30,000 persons.

Our primary aim is to work with people and communities affected by drug use, HIV and AIDS and empower them to improve their knowledge, health, socio economic well being and access to essential services.


Services & Interventions 


Our services and interventions are targeted towards preventing, halting and reversing the fast growing transmission of HIV in Pakistan among people most vulnerable and at risk.

We have demonstrated that evidence based targeted responses that are at scale in coverage and remain uninterrupted impact the transmission of HIV among people who inject drugs. The quality of services and interventions needs to be closely monitored to respond to the changing environment and needs of the beneficiaries.