In line with the technology developments in biometrics,GSM, WiFi/LAN, GIS mapping, hardware capability. Nai Zindagi with support from Mainline Foundation Netherlands has started a pilot project in order to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the current MIS by incorporating biometrics based client identification and service delivery management information system in real time.

The new system will be piloted in 4 districts of two provinces (Punjab and Sindh) to assess its efficacy in street based environments urban and semi urban.

The main features that will be piloted are as follows:

  • Discard the need to manually record and later enter service delivery data manually into the MIS. This system will enable the outreach workers to identify clients based on biometrics, deliver and enter services into the handheld machine there and then and with a click of a button sync the data with the central MIS in real time.

  • The system will also record service delivery on the map and pin-point the locations where services were delivered and to which client and at what time. This will improve monitoring of movement of outreach workers in a given district on a daily basis, support the HR and administration unit of the PR to record distances travelled for fuel efficiency and also record over a period the various dynamics and changes in the incidence of injecting location wise.

  • Registration of existing clients in service delivery on biometrics based identification in order to mitigate and prevent duplication and inaccurate reporting that may be possible in the current system which is manual.

Nai Zindagi has partnered with TERESOL to realize this long awaited solution to real time and accurate monitoring of service delivery on a reach out basis. TERESOL is among one of the fastest developing Pakistani companies in the R&D sector with experienced professionals ready and committed to provide Innovatively Creative solutions.

Examples of some real time reports


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