HIV prevention services being provided under the Global Fund Round 9 – HIV grant, will now cover three new districts Sahiwal, Jhangg and Okara. CoPC+ sites have been established in these three districts and the newly employed staff including the Site managers, field supervisors, data entry operators, VCCT counselors, Social mobilizers, Out-reach workers and Paramedics attended a 6 day training session organized by Nai Zindagi the Principal recipient of Global Fund Round 9 – HIV grant, in Islamabad.

The objective of the training was to build capacity of the staff to efficiently plan, manage and implement the harm reduction services in their respective district. All the participants actively engaged in various activities throughout the training session.

During the training period three exposure visits were organized to the newly established ART Adherence Unit (AAU) and the drug treatment center (DTC) in Bara Kau, Islamabad and the CoPC+ site in Rawalpindi.

The final day of the training concluded with a certificate awarding ceremony where all the participants were conferred a certificate of attendance and successful completion by Nai Zindagi.


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