The Oversight Committee of Pakistan’s Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) visited Nai Zindagi’s CoPC+ site in Larkana on April 08, 2021. The committee members comprised of Dr Ayesha Isani Majeed from CMU (HIV), Dr Saqib Ali from SACP as well as representatives from UNAIDs, WHO and CCM members.

The purpose of the visit was to ensure that the resources are being efficiently and effectively utilized in line with the objectives of the Global Fund grant. The committee also visited PWID at the hotspots of PWID in Larkana and had discussion with the clients about their perspective about the service provision. During the spot visit, PWID explained the need and significance of needle syringe exchange program and the CCM committee members showed satisfaction on the modalities of service provision

The oversight committee members also met with the project staff and were briefed about the activities being carried out through CoPC+ site. They discussed the achievements under previous grant and targets of the new grant with the NZ project staff. They also reviewed the annual data provided by Nai Zindagi officials and asked questions pertaining to various aspects of service delivery to PWID and their spouses under the Global Fund supported interventions. The members were generally satisfied with the service provision and appreciated the hard work being carried out by the outreach teams.


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