A meeting of the District AIDS Council was held on June 25, 2022 at the District Health Authority Hall, Toba Take Singh. The meeting was convened by AC Toba Tak Singh-Zoha Shakir, Capt (R) Asad, CEO-Health District Health Authority-Toba Tak Singh. Other participants of the meeting included officials from the Social Welfare department, District Jail, Police Department, District HIV/AID Program, Health Department, and Nai Zindagi.

Nai Zindagi, briefed the participants about Nai Zindagi’s activities in the district and explained the detoxification of clients, ART center, and client registration process. Toba Tak Singh’s PWID data was also shared with the participants. Nai Zindagi suggested that the Deputy Commissioner and District Police Officer should send messages to youth to sensitize them against the use of drugs. The attendees appreciated the efforts of Nai Zindagi in the district. 


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