Mr. Sikandar Khushik, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sanghar District, chaired the Initial meeting for the establishment of District AIDS Council (DAC) in Sanghar District, an initiative of Nai Zindagi Trust under the Global Fund Round 9 – HIV grant. Representatives from Nai Zindagi Trust, Mr. Ghazanfar Imam Rizvi and Mr. Atif Habib, and Bridge Consultants Foundation, Dr. Sharf Ali Shah, Mr. Ghulam Nabi and Mr. Ali Sher Dahri, presented the request to the Deputy Commissioner for issuing the notification for the establishment of DAC in Sanghar.

The meeting was widely attended by officials of the District Police, Civil Society, Public Health sector and Media; MPA Sanghar Mr. Saeed Khan Nizamani was also present in this meeting. Representatives from Health department and District Police assured their full cooperation and support.

Mr. Sikandar Khushik (DC) assured the issuance of the notification and that the District government would fully support Nai Zindagi Trust for the establishment of the District AIDS Council.


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