The ART Adherence Unit (AAU) supported by MAINLINE offers a 2 month residential program to people using drugs, living with HIV and having a CD4 below 500. All residents of the AAU are registered with the Public sector HIV and AIDS special clinics for provision of ART.

The program started in March 2014. Between May and July 2014, fifty five residents completed the 2 month AAU program and returned to their cities of origin in Punjab. Regular follow up has been in place in close collaboration with clients, their families and social mobilizers from the CoPc+ sites in various cities.

Ninety five percent of the 55 who completed the program are adherent on ART. Eighteen percent (10) clients have relpased to drug use, but are taking their ARVs. Thirty percent (16) are gainfully employed.

Clients of the AAU will be regularly followed and adherence will be closely monitored in close collaboration with the Global Fund supported CoPc+ sites across Punjab.


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