Between the 23rd and 30th November Ms. Machteld Busz and Mr. Nick Veldwijk of Mainline, Netherlands visited programs and initiatives they support in Pakistan through Nai Zindagi Charity. The main objective of the mission was to get update on current programs and to discuss new opportunities for future collaboration.

During the visit several options for future collaboration and innovation between Nai Zindagi and Mainline surfaced. The real time Management Information System (NZMIS) developed by Nai Zindagi can be used for other research purposes and can be a very useful tool for other organisations that need to have real-time data for effective programme management. In addition to effective data management, ideas around social and technological innovation, social entrepreneurship, and economic opportunities and income-generation for PWUD were shared.

A visit was organised to CoPC+ site in Rawalpindi. After a spot visit with outreach workers they joined two sessions in support groups for graduated AAU clients (AGA) and their female family members (AFA).

Furthermore, spent a day observing the ARV Adherence Unit (AAU). This initiative allows HIV+ drug users to detox and then be initiated on ARV’s. This project was initially financed by Mainline as a pilot under Bridging the Gaps. Once Nai Zindagi could show success the project was taken over by Global Fund and duplicated in capacity. Mainline visited the morning sessions where clients discussed the night, their questions around HIV and their difficulties in adhering to treatment. They also assessed each other’s behaviour and provided support to each other. Mainline then joined a discussion with the AAU psychologists on behavioural change of AAU-clients over time. At the end of the day, Mainline discussed the administrative processes and Nai Zindagi’s activities to ensure a continuum of care to AAU clients post their release after a two-month stay in the AAU.

“Together we share the ambition to improve the health and rights of People Who Use Drugs in Pakistan, the Netherlands and beyond.” – Ms. Machteld Busz & Mr. Nick Veldwijk


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