Nai Zindagi Management Information System (NZMIS) is the heart of program implementation. The first Management Information System developed by Nai Zindagi was in the 90’s and since then the system has been continuously improved upon. Today we have in-house expertise to develop MISs that are specific to the interventions and programs being implemented. These tailor made systems can be easily adapted to changing needs and are user friendly. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports can be generated and utilized for monitoring trends, quality assurance and trouble shooting.

A latest version “NZMIS ver 3.0” has been recently launched. It features a new dashboard with interactive info-graphics which summarize key outputs of the respective sites in a manner that the progress may be reviewed at a glance by users. Separate dashboards are displayed for different tiers of management based on their domain in terms of districts for which they are responsible. In NZMIS ver 3.0 the report menu has been revised and reports have been classified according to the nature of reports as well as various service delivery components.


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