Syed Ghazanfar Imam Rizvi (11.12.1963 – 08.11.2017) known to most of us as Muna, is no longer physically present among us today. He gently and quietly left us in the early hours of November 8th 2017 to be with his Creator.

Many have described him as a trust worthy companion and a caring soul always present in times of distress, need and joy. In over 25 years of his ownership and responsibility of Nai Zindagi his primary signature which has trickled down to the organisations core is the consistent gentleness towards those in need and the firmness to fulfil promises made.

Mr. Ghazanfar’s ability to multi task and a fiery desire to learn gave him the ability to quickly adjust, adapt, invent and give practical solutions. This is why that within the organisation and among his family and friends he was the one to reach out for a practical solution.

He was a brave man with great confidence coated with humility and affection.

His desire to teach others what he knows made him a non-judgemental mentor to colleagues both senior and all other levels. This has insured that Mr. Ghazanfar’s soul and spirit will remain among us, always inshAllah.

May Allah grant him with the highest place in paradise and gives us strength to cope up with this immense loss.


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