Our Expertise

Program Design & Planning

Evidence and multi-stakeholder ownership are essential.

​At Nai Zindagi we have a multidisciplinary team of experts who have been involved in program design and planning over the last two decades in the sectors of drug demand, harm reduction, HIV, AIDS, and socio-economic rehabilitation. We also have access to expertise outside Pakistan who have had years of experience of working in these sectors in the region and internationally.

Program design and planning includes a tailored blueprint of all necessary tools, systems, formats, standards, and management and financial controls required to implement an efficient, needs-based, and impact-oriented intervention.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

The heart of program implementation.

Are essential to monitor the pulse regularly and efficiently of interventions and services being provided. The first MIS developed by us was in the early 90’s and since then the system has been continuously improved upon. Today we have in-house expertise to develop MIS that are specific to the interventions and programs being implemented. These tailor made systems can be easily adapted to changing needs and are user friendly. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports can be generated and utilized for monitoring trends, quality assurance and trouble shooting.

Monitoring & Impact Evaluation

Needs to be integral, ongoing and efficient.

Any program or intervention is only as effective or ineffective as its impact and benefit to its beneficiaries. Often long term programs are monitored regularly but evaluated for impact either mid way or in the end.This is often too late, as resources have already been spent and in most cases damage already done. We monitor programs regularly alongside impact assessment. The MIS allows us to monitor and evaluate efficiently and this helps to quickly modify, adapt and respond in order to achieve the desired impact. This directly results in cost-effective and efficient utilization of resources.


Organizational Capacity Building and Program Management

A gradual process that requires regular coaching and assessment.

​There are no institutions or universities in Pakistan that provide courses or degrees in implementation of drug use related HIV and AIDS interventions.

The capacity and quality of expertise in this sector in Pakistan is quite low and the few who claim to deliver and implement programs have often learnt it by trial and error.

Since early 90’s one of our objectives has been to improve the quality of human resource and management skills in this sector. Today we have developed low threshold training curricula for capacity building of staff in all related areas of this sector with particular focus on organisational and financial management aspects.

International Cooperation

Is most effective when all partners gain.

Over the years we have developed strong partnerships with regional (Asian) and international key players in different areas of drug use related HIV and AIDS. We are closely engaged in a South-South (Asia – Africa) collaboration coordinated by Mainline Foundation, Netherlands to support organizations in the coastal towns of Mombasa and Malindi in Kenya in improving the  continuum of care for people who use drugs. This cross continental exchange benefits both countries – Kenya to better understand harm reduction and service delivery for people who inject drugs and for us to improve AIDS related diagnostics and treatment for HIV positive persons based on Kenya’s vast experience and expertise.