Pakistan’s transgender community mostly relies upon performing in weddings and other functions to earn a livelihood for themselves, while others await handouts to make ends meet. With the closure of economic activities as well as social events like weddings, transgender community have been left at the whims of helping agencies. Continuing on its practice of helping poverty-stricken, underprivileged individuals of the society, Nai Zindagi Trust did not step back in times of a pandemic.

This year again, Nai Zindagi Trust responded to the needs of Transgender community with food ration packages. Nai Zindagi collaborated with Sathi Foundation to compile and verify a list of deserving transgender recipients using their CNIC numbers and addresses. With the financial support of Global Fund, a total of 462 deserving transgender community members received support packages in Lahore, Vehari, Sahiwal, Faisalabad, Kasur, Rawalpindi and Multan from Nai Zindagi Trust field staff. All thanks to invaluable efforts from the Nai Zindagi Trust field teams and worthy contributions by Sathi Foundation and Global Fund.


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