We have developed in-house capacity and expertise to research, develop and design publications and print materials aimed at specific audiences for specific purposes. Our design section consists of copy writers, web designers, graphic designers and photographers. We follow strict ethical guidelines, including consent and confidentiality of the subjects quoted, interviewed or photographed.

Operational Research

Is key to informing programs of changing trends and emerging challenges in order to respond timely and effectively.

Information and data collected by us over the last ten years has contributed to the National Data on drug use related HIV in Pakistan.  Our findings and recommendations based on Rapid Situational Assessments, studies, research and regular analysis of our MIS data has informed policy, catalysed resource mobilisation in country and Regionally.

Project Reports

We regularly update our program sponsors of progress, impact and challenges faced during the implementation of a specific program.

These reports help us keep constant track of program progress and assist us to mitigate risks and weaknesses in implementation.

They also provide a framework and evidence to our sponsors to advocate and lobby for additional support for programs.

Other Publications

In partnership with local, regional and international organisations we have developed reports, booklets, manuals and brochures.

In partnership we have also organized and provided full media coverage of consultations and events in country and abroad.

The design, report writing, publication and distribution of these reports has been our responsibility.