Senior Management Nai Zindagi Trust visited Karachi from 25th-28th May 2015 in order to expand existing services in Karachi. The reprogramming and distribution of areas/spots between service providers in Karachi namely Pakistan Society, Nai Zindagi Trust and Bridge Consultants was the main focus of the visit. Several meetings were held with staff from various components of the project and needs based solutions were discussed and finalized in consultation with the respective staff members.

NSEP services are being provided in all 18 towns of Karachi and it has been decided that at certain spots ORWs will work in shifts to extend the period of service delivery and reach maximum number of PWID with clean syringes. The Spouses Program was also evaluated and redesigned for effective implementation of services. Roll-out of ART regime by ART center and issues of mobilization were also revised and consensus drawn for enhancing services.


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