Field Supervisors and Social Mobilizers of the three CoPc+ sites managed by Rutgers WPF in Jehlum, Gujrat and Kasur attended a two day training at the newly established Nai Zindagi’s ART Adherence Unit in Bara Kahu, Islamabad.

The AAU provides a two month residential program to HIV positive people who inject drugs and are on ART. Clients are referred to the AAU from CoPc+ sites across the country established under the Global Fund Round 9 – HIV grant. The AAU is supported by Mainline Foundation, as part of the BtGs program of the Ministry of Foreign Afafirs of the Netherlands. The participants actively engagaed in at the AAU.The participants highlighted that the training session was very useful and that it wouldparticularly benefit in motivating clients It was further suggested that such trainings should be held on a regular basis to improve referral mechanisms.


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