Mr. Mohammad Saleem Rajput, Deputy Commissioner District South, Karachi chaired the second session of the established ‘District AIDS Council’ (DAC) in Karachi-South an initiative of Nai Zindagi under the Global Fund SSF – HIV grant.

The meeting was well attended by representatives from Police department, Education department, Social welfare department, Population welfare department and civil society of Karachi South.

One of the administrative issue raised was the resistance to service delivery from the D.H.A Vigilance team in Tauheed Commercial area; The Deputy Commissioner, South Karachi assured that he will issue a letter to the D.H.A Officials for all required support to Nai Zindagi in this regard.

Furthermore, it was also decided that Nai Zindagi and Education Department will work in collaboration to arrange Awareness Sessions on HIV and AIDS in various Schools of District South, Karachi. The importance of building strong linkages with other member departments of DAC for all possible department support was emphasized in order to achieve the objectives of the established District AIDS Council.


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