The second session of the quarterly meeting of the established ‘District AIDS Council’ (DAC) in Sanghar, an initiative of Nai Zindagi under the Global Fund Round 9 – HIV grant, was chaired by Mr. Sikandar Ali Khushk District AIDS Council Chairman /Deputy Commissioner, Sanghar.

The meeting was well attended by Dr. Sughfta ADHO Health Sanghar, Dr. Abdul Latif Shah DFP DHO Health Sanghar, M. Gul Abass DSP, SDPO Police, and representatives from MS Taluka Hospital (Khipro and Tando adam), DCM HANDS, PPHI, media, population department and civil society of Sanghar.

The participants were informed of the outcome and impact of the Global Fund supported program in Sanghar and the achievements were appreciated. Mr. Sikandar Ali Khushk asked to DHO Health Department to cooperate with the NGO and give details of their activities in that regard as he felt the NGO alone could not achieve the goals and the Focal persons were to be appointed at Taluka Hospital Level for improved coordination. He also requested Sindh AIDS control program to notify the focal person for the District and provide the list of the doctors who are trained from the District Head Quarter Hospital to do STI treatment and testing of the suspected clients.

The session was concluded with the following decisions:

  • To join hands with other Departments and work for awareness sharing each other’s opportunities. (Inter secretarial coordination strengthening)

  • To nominate the Focal Persons at respective Taluka and District hospitals to work for the HIV AIDS and coordinate with the BCF.

  • To carry out the base line investigation of the IDUS without any users charge.

  • Families of the positive expired clients be looked after by the program to alleviate their sufferings.

  • To avail the opportunities of congregations / Mellas and organize stalls to Health educate the people of the District by the Health Department/ Sindh AIDS control program.

  • In case of need the site Manager would be provided help by the Police personnel in civil dress and they would help resolve the issues faced by the field staff.

  • PR can allocate a budget of Rs:10,000 to Deputy Commissioner Secretrate for awareness activities and shall provide the IC material for which the Video program was informed to be under preparation by Nai Zindagi Trust, would be made available to District within the shortest possible time of couple of months for use in awareness program.


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