The second session of the quarterly meeting of the established ‘District AIDS Council’ (DAC) in Toba Tek Singh, an initiative of Nai Zindagi under the Global Fund Round 9 – HIV grant, was chaired by Mr. Zafar Abbas Bhatti, District Officer Coordination (DOC) – Toba Tek Singh, Government of Punjab and co-chaired by Mr. Amjad Ali Javed, MPA – Toba Tek Singh.

Mr. Zafar Abbas Bhatti while appreciating Nai Zindagi’s Global Fund supported present activities in Toba Tek Singh, assured facilitating project staff and beneficiaries to access Public sector support and services. Furthermore, the DOC encouraged the project staff to coordinate with the district office on a regular basis.

The meeting was well attended by ADC Malik Khadim Hussain, EDO Finance and Planning Mehr Sultan, TMO Azhar Mahmood and media representatives of Toba Tek Singh.

A supplementary committee will be established with representatives from media, police and NGO’s. This committee will be briefed regarding the project activities. An exposure visit will help them further understand the project, needs of the beneficiaries and the overall service delivery mechanism.


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