Nai Zindagi was sub-contracted by Mainline to identify and engage key CSOs in Nepal who work with people who use drugs for an improved, targeted and meaningful collaboration among them to complement each other and maximize benefit to beneficiaries.

Federation of Drug Demand Reduction (FDDR), NEDUPA and Nirnaya duly completed their assigned tasks and responsibilities and final payment settlements have been carried out for the first small grant initiative.

Under the current initiative support to the three organizations will continue. The primary focus is to strengthen selected CSOs in organizational and financial management practices. This will increase both effectiveness and sustainability and help the three organizations to seek and apply for funding with donors who demand robust financial management systems.

A mission was organized from 8th-13th August 2015 for assessment of the gaps in financial, HR and administration, procurement standard practices and strengthening the capacities of organizations in the next six months.

Offices of all three organizations were visited for assessment of the current systems in place. Workshops were held to train and prepare the staff members in order to prepare the financial, HR and procurement manuals and policies.


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