Office of the Commissioner, Karachi, Nai Zindagi with support from the GF announced a new initiative to address the issue of street based people who use drugs in Karachi . Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui, Commissioner, Karachi stressed the need of rights based drug treatment and rehabilitation services for people who use drugs.

The unique idea of the “ 5C initiative” integrates Civil Administration, Civil Society, Corporate Sector, Communities and Clients in this response. Nai Zindagi presented the scale of the drug use problem in Karachi and emphasized the need for joint efforts to address it. The nature and extent of support expected from various stakeholders was discussed and consensus was sought from the participants on how to move ahead with the initiative.

With an estimated 16000 street based drug users in Karachi, the primary emphasis is the establishment of a 400 bed residential drug treatment and rehabilitation facility which will cater to the treatment needs of 10000 clients every year. The consultation was well represented by members of the Civil Administration, Civil Society, Corporate Sector and Communities.

Presentation from the meeting 


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