The District AIDS Council (DAC TTS-29 April 2024) was conducted under the chairmanship of CEO Health, Dr. Kashif Mehmood Kamboh, with Dr. Mubashir Malik (Provincial Coordinator of Nai Zindagi Trust Punjab) serving as the co-chair. The meeting took place at the DHDC Hall in the CEO Health Office, and it commenced with a recitation from the Holy Quran as a customary practice.

Dr. Mubashir provided a comprehensive overview of the services offered by Nai Zindagi Trust (NZ) and requested support from the district authorities at the local level. The participants expressed their admiration for NZ’s outreach services approach and other initiatives aimed at assisting marginalized communities.

Ms. Sajida, the Acting In-charge of ART (Antiretroviral Therapy), and Psychologist, shared her recommendations with NZT (Rizwan Ghani) regarding the need to conduct awareness seminars on the dangers of HIV/AIDS. She suggested organizing these seminars in prisons, schools, colleges, and other public spaces, and expressed her willingness to collaborate with NZ throughout the process.

Ms. Sajida also expressed her appreciation for the dedicated efforts of NZ staff, especially the Social Mobilizers and FORW in ensuring that injection drug users (IDUs) and their families remain committed to their antiretroviral (ARV) treatment. She acknowledged their valuable contributions in promoting adherence to ARV medication.

Dr. Irfan Rasheed, focal person for Hepatitis C (Hep-C), emphasized that HIV/AIDS and Hep-C are co-infections and pose significant health risks. He suggested that a broader, community-focused approach could bring about meaningful change.

He emphasized the need to strengthen connections and facilitate information sharing among healthcare providers. In support of this effort, Dr. Rasheed announced that they would offer free Hep-C treatment to all patients referred through NZ. Additionally, family members of the referred patients would be tested for both HIV and Hep-C, ensuring comprehensive care for the affected individuals and their loved ones.

CEO Health, Dr. Kashif, addressed the participants and shared that inclusive environment for those affected by HIV/AIDS. By promoting understanding, empathy, and acceptance, Dr. Kashif aimed to foster a society that provides compassion and care to individuals living with HIV.


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