A three days refresher training on HTC-C/FORW-Punjab was organized from 13th to 15th December 2016 in Regency Hotel Islamabad.

Agenda had been designed around WHO three Sequential Testing Methodology, Quality management, risk assessment tool, detailed overview of spouse component, mobilization and referral of reactive spouses, treatment and adherence guidelines.

The first day of event focused on three testing methodology and technical protocols with role plays and group discussions. Second day revolved around behavioral change communication, harm reduction approaches, and polices, significance of disclosure, individual & couple counseling and detail overview of spouse HIV prevention package. Third day of the training focused in detail on referral linkages within COPC, AAU referral orientation, post exposure prophylaxis, PPTCT & obstacles, data flow and basic medical care.

Separate session of HR management and administration were also arranged. Training concluded with certificate distribution ceremony.


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