From Health care perspective, International Women Day marks the need to have equity to provide for prevention of infections & diseases and linkages to life saving treatment. It is also a day to celebrate Women contribution in health care service delivery including public and private settings.

Nai Zindagi has an innovative outreach coverage program for prevention of HIV among spouses and intimate partners of HIV +ve people who inject drugs (PWID) in 58 districts. Among the other objectives of Spouse Prevention Package, the program is primarily raising awareness on HIV, and aimed to empower women on safer sexual practices thereby limiting the number of new infections in women. Nai Zindagi incorporated gender responsive & discrimination free programming and service delivery for all genders through implementation of right based approach. A number of 6700 women are registered and seeking services across the continuum of HIV prevention and care

Nai Zindagi is proud to have a workforce of more than 100 women performing across the country with variety of roles including senior leadership (Executive Director), professionals in core departments (IT, Finance, QA, and Program and Therapeutic team), and field workers directly serving the key population and other program beneficiaries.

This Women day is dedicated to all of our female clients, who “Choose to Challenge” the stereotypes by perusing agency in their health care decisions; who choose to have wiser choices through taking charge of their health, to practice safer sex, to get tested for HIV and choose to seek treatment for HIV. Nai Zindagi acknowledges the contributions of our female outreach workers (FORWs), HTC counsellors and women staff members who stayed with organization throughout and also appreciates the positive role of our male team members for furnishing an enabling and respectful environment for their female colleagues.

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.”—Serena Williams



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